Using the same method of painting as an artisan, which is to start by making the washi paper pattern, the finished product will have a professional touch. Let’s make one and only original chochin lantern by painting letters, house crests, or characters of your preference.
※Casual workshop with free hand painting is also available.

Copying a design onto the washi paper.
After designing, copy it onto the washi paper.
Glueing the paper pattern
Glue the finished paper pattern onto the chochin
lantern’s interior.
Making a rough painting
Once the design on the paper pattern pasted
on the interior become visible, go over it
with a marker.
After finishing the rough painting, start painting
After painting, dry it with a dryer to complete it.

Original Item

Itoya studio’s original materials
Even small children or those who are not good at painting can easily make an elegant and pretty chochin lantern by using Itoya’s original material. By stamping the Fukui’s sightseeing spots with our original stamps, or stamping pretty flowers with the stamps made of eraser, you can come up with myriad of combinations.

Chochin lantern which travels
Mikuni Town・Fukui prefecture.

By stamping our original stamps with Fukui’s sightseeing spots, your lantern will look as if it has traveled to various sightseeing spots. I also recommend stamping the stamp of your travel destination.

Flower chochin lantern

Flower series is popular among female customers. You can make a chochin lantern with flowers from various seasons, and if you stamp each part with different flowers, you can make a lovely flower chochin lantern depending on how you arrange them.

Hand- and footprints art
Anniversary Chochin lantern

You can either use pieces of washi paper to make a paper cutout, or stamp hand- and footprints of your child with a water-based paint onto the chochin lantern to keep record of your child’s growth.


Date Held as needed Ca.2 hrs. from 14:00~16:00
(Closed on Wed・Sat・Sun)  ※New Year holidays negotiable
Address Kitamoto-cho 4-4-46 (Google map)
※Parking available, 6min walk to the Echizen-tetsudo railway’s “Mikuni Station”
Price ¥2500 (incld. Tax) per piece
Payment by cash on the spot/ Group fee available for group of 4 or more/
Mini lighting included
Condition for
Small children need parental accompaniment
Minimum number
of participants
Reservation Required (16:00 of previous day) ※Cancellation needs to be notified
Contact 0776-81-3574 (Kojima/ 9:00~18:00)