• Mikuni Chochin making and Chochin painting are temporarily closed until the end of September.
  • TOU are temporarily closed from September 1 to September 16, and Fridays are also temporarily closed in September.


230 years of history and
passion for craftsmanship.
Coming up with flexible ideas
with pride and technique of
an integrated manufacturer.

Established in Mikuni in 1791. As one of the very few chochin lantern studios of an integrated manufacturing in Japan, we dedicate ourselves to producing chochin lanterns by persisting in an elaborate handiwork.


Other than producing custom-made chochin lantern for temples and shrines, we also engage ourselves in all sorts of manufacturing, such as development of our original products, as well as joint development of chochin lantern.


We hold workshops for chochin lantern making. It is suited for making a good memory of the trip, for events for children and various group activities.