230 years of history and passion for craftsmanship
Coming up with flexible ideas with pride and
technique of an integrated manufacturer.

Established in Mikuni Town in1791, we are one of the very few chochin lantern studios of an integrated manufacturing. We persist in artisan’s elaborate handiwork, delivering various beautiful and long-lasting chochin lanterns to all places in Japan. We can meet our customer’s demand with greater care and attention as an integrated manufacturer. Mikuni Chochin lantern which maintains the traditional technique has been designated as Fukui Prefecture’s local traditional handicraft.
The third generation Mariya Kojima is thriving as a rare female chochin lantern artisan, attracting attention even from overseas. At the same time as maintaining the traditional technique, she is also working with innovative chochin lanterns by embracing her feminine sensitivity. She not only attempts to promote chochin lantern’s appeal as an indispensable item in original Japanese landscapes and its traditional festivals, but also struggles to expand the potential of chochin lantern by taking on challenges in new fields such as art and interior decoration.


Established in year 1791 (Kansei 3rd) in Mikuni. Itoya’s blood has been inherited for 200 years, and its tradition will be succeeded with further evolution with sparks of possibilities.
  • Establishment Ichirozaemon Hata

    Ichirozaemon Hata has established Itoya in present Mukuni town of Sakai city in Fukui prefecture.
  • Meiji period~ A store selling daily necessities Hata Ihei

    Sold various products such as imported and domestic cigarettes, foreign articles, and even daily necessities sold by wicker trunks.
    Lottery tickets from his generation have been preserved as a valuable document.
  • Since 1947 Itoya chochin lantern shop Hata Shokichi

    Started the chochin lantern shop soon after the war. He was a very deft craftsman who was skilled not only at painting pictures but also letters onto the chochin lantern with his handmade tools. He was also a man of culture well acquainted with Mikuni’s history and culture.
  • Since 1988 Itoya Chocohin lantern shop Second generation Hata Mineo

    Started working as a chochin lantern artisan under his father Shokichi. Devoted himself fully to chochin lantern making. He maintained the traditional method and succeeded it to the next generation.
  • Since 2008 Itoya Chochin lantern shop Third generation Mariya Kojima

    Studied under his father and became a rare female chochin lantern artisan. She not only maintains the tradition, but also keeps evolving by struggling to explore new potentials everyday.
  • In 2014 Shop renewal

    The shop has renewed itself to fit the image of lantern as being typically Japanese.Itoya is now worthy as a local lantern shop of the Mikuni port town.
  • In 2016 Mikuni Chochin (Japanese lantern)
    (local handicraft name)

    The lantern produced by the traditional manufacturing method has been designated as the Fukui prefecture’s local handicraft.
    The shop is now called “Mikuni Chochin Itoya.”
  • In 2017 Mikuni Chochin Itoya studio and Mikuni Port
    Town Shoku no Kura “Tou” have opened.

    The warehouse (Kura)has been renovated and opened with the café Mikuni Port Town Shoku no Kura “Tou” on the first floor and the workshop studio “Mikuni Chochin Itoya Studio” on the second floor.
  • In 2018 Start of workshop management for
    Mikuni Chochin lantern

    Started managing workshops in which you can experience the production of Mikuni Chochin lantern.
  • In 2022 Announced original products
    “minatobi” and “kohimikuni”

    Announced and started selling products developed as the company’s original, “minatobi”, the chochin lantern making kit, and “kohimikuni” , products characteristic of Mikuni-minato (old district of Mikuni town).