Lighting up the memory
from Mikuni-minato.

“minatobi” originated from our wish for the travelers to bring home a chic atmosphere and the chochin lantern tradition as a memory from the trip.

It is a chouchin DIY kit to easily enjoy the chouchin's charm.
You can experience authentic chouchin making by using various patterns and thin Higo bamboo sticks.
Mikuni port is designed on the soft textured Echizen-Washi paper.
Please enjoy it as a memory of the trip or as lighting.


Authentic chochin lantern making kit which can be enjoyed at home

It is a handmade kit to enjoy an authentic lantern making.
It includes all materials and tools necessary.
An instruction booklet included makes it easier for children and parents to enjoy it together.

Sceneries from Mikuni-minato (an old distr
ict of Mikuni ) as a souvenir
For you to remember Mikuni-minato even after the trip is over,
We designed Mikuni-minato’s scenery in various seasons on the washi paper of the chochin lantern.
Echizen Washi ×Mikuni Chochin lantern
Echizen Washi is a traditional handicraft with a history of 1500 years. With support of the Yamagishi Washi shop in the Imadate region of Echizen city where washi paper is produced, we looked for an Echizen Washi which is suited for Mikuni Chochin through many trial and errors. It is a chochin lantern kit, unique to Fukui, including handmade fine washi paper made from100% kozo mulberry fibre.
Enjoying the design
We adopted a design which can be appreciated as lighting equipment so that it can be used long after the kit is completed. You can keep it not only as a souvenir but also as an interior decoration.

As an interior decoration

After finishing the kit, you can use it as an interior decoration.

You can use it as a lighting at bed side to spend some relaxing time.

Portable chochin lantern is useful as a lighting to light up the floor before you.

This chochin lantern has a modern design, which blends in well with everyday interior decorations.

minatobi Chochin lantern kit

¥5,000(excld. tax・delivery fee)

SizeDiameter 14.5cm Height 24cm
Production timeCa. 60min
MaterialEchizen Washi ・ Thin strips of bamboo
Color3 colors (light pink・blue green・reddish grey)

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