Beautiful sunset and ship’s silhouette,
Retro townscape and cat’s meow
Chochin lantern under the eaves, swinging to the sound of festival

Glittering water surface, feast from the sea with the aroma of sea breeze
Sea birds flying around the sky, sound of waves gently resonating

Mikuni Town in Fukui Prefecture is a port town full of charm.
We designed our products with Mikuni-minato (an old district of Mikuni) as a motif in a hope for you to love this town more.

Guaranteeing you that you will also fall in love with Mikuni

Design ×
What is “kohimikuni”

“kohimikuni” has been designed with various sceneries from Mikuni-minato as its motif.It is an Itoya’s original product, originating from our wish to inform people more about Mikuni-minato’s charm.

Design ×Mikuni-minato Tenugui hand towel

Tenugui designed with adorable sceneries from Mikuni-minato. Since it is suited both for a souvenir and for your own use, it makes you crave for the whole collection.

Design ×Echizen Washi letter writing set

Letter writing set made from Echizen Washi (Imadate・Fukui Prefecture). Fine Echizen Washi with 100% kozo mulberry fibre is used.


Mikuni Chochin lantern
Mikuni-minato is where the Mikuni festival and other traditional festivals are rooted.
At the time of the festival, chochin lanterns are hung under the eaves of merchant houses to light up the atmospheric townscape. Chic atmosphere created by dangling chochin lanterns are depicted.

・Tenugui hand towel ・Letter writing set
Amaebi shrimp and Echizen crab
Mikuni town in Fukui Prefecture is endowed with plenty of sea’s bounty. Both Echizen crab, the king of winter dishes and Amaebi shrimp, praised as a jewel of the sea, are the specialty products representative of Mikuni Port. Mikuni-minato’s feast illustrated as a cute design.

・Tenugui hand towel ・Letter writing set
Seaweed and sea urchin
Mikuni thrives with Ama divers’ harvesting. The view of seaweeds being dried under the sun is common in spring when the seaweed harvesting begins. In summer, Ama divers harvest the sea for sea urchins to make salted sea urchins regarded as a delicacy. Such stylish illustration of seaweed and sea urchin will come as a surprise for Ama divers.

・Tenugui hand towel ・Letter writing set
Cats and dried sole
Dried sole is a local specialty of Fukui Prefecture. We dry the skewered fresh soles by hanging them outside overnight. They are dried not only at the fish shops but also under the eaves of people’s houses, attracting stray cats. It is an everyday scenery from the town by the sea.

・Letter writing set
Oshima Island and a ship
If you go further from the scenic spot of Tojinbo, you will arrive at Oshima Island worshipped as God’s island.
Beyond the island with its red bridge, you can see the silhouette of a sailing ship with the sunset in its background. It will remind you of a fun day at the sea.

・Tenugui hand towel ・Letter writing set
Echizen narcissus and seagull
Echizen narcissus is designated as Fukui prefecture’s official flower. In winter, its white and pretty flowers blossom along the coast. Both narcissus and seagull are a typical feature of Fukui’s winter. Beautiful winter scenery of Fukui will make you nostalgic.

・Letter writing set
Fukui’s dinosaurs
Since many fossils have been excavated in Fukui, it is famous as a dinosaur kingdom. Children who love dinosaurs will enjoy this cool dinosaur design.

・Tenugui hand towels


Designing Mikuni-minato

“kohimikuni” has been designed with casual everyday sceneries of Mikuni-minato as its motif.
It is an Itoya’s original product, originating from our wish to inform people more about Mikuni-minato’s charm.

Products to attract female and younger customers

A product development team has been set up with chochin lantern artisan Mariya Kojima as its leader, in order to produce products which are characteristic of Mikuni-minato to attract young and female customers. We developed our products by sharing our ideas.

Products with an exquisite design

We aimed for a product with an exquisite design which is attractive not only as a souvenir but also as fashionable variety goods. We asked a designer aiMIKI from Fukui Prefecture, renowned both in Japan and overseas, to design the product. We made careful selection for the color and texture.



Illustrator / Graphic & Textile designer / Graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York City with a BFA degree in Communication Design / Illustration.

DesigneraiMIKIGraduated from Parsons School of Design, College of Art and Design in New York.
She has worked as a textile designer for numerous apparel and general merchandise brands such as GAP, Victoria's Secret, and Carter's, TopShop in New York City.
In 2006, she moved back to her hometown, Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture.
She is currently active in a wide variety of fields, including graphic design, textile design, and freehand mural painting.


Mikuni-minato in Fukui Prefecture
Tenugui hand towel

¥1,500 (excld.tax・delivery fee)

SizeWidth 90cm /Length 35 cm
Material100% cotton
Made in Japan※A fray at the edge of the towel is
characteristic for Japanese Tenugui
Design5 different designs (Oshima and a ship
・Mikuni Chochin lantern・Amaebi shrimp
and Echizen crab・ seaweed and sea urchin・
Fukui dinosaurs)

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Echizen Washi letter writing set

¥1,200(excld. tax and delivery fee)

Envelope size114mm×162mm
Writing pad sizeA5
MaterialEchizen Washi (100% kozo mulberry fibre)
Content10 writing pads・3 envelopes
Design5 different designs (Amaebi shrimp and
Echizen crab・Echizen narcissus and seagull
・cats and dried sole・Oshima Island and a
ship・seaweed and sea urchin・Mikuni
Chochin lantern)

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